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Report: Older workers are more likely to suffer serious injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Many people in New York City continue to work at their jobs even well after they turn 65.

There are what the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics calls older workers working in a wide range of careers, including industrial jobs, construction and other careers that have the reputation for being hard on the body and dangerous.

A report that the bureau prepared concluded that older workers do not require temporary disability benefits at a significantly different rate than do younger workers.

However, the report did find that older workers are more likely to suffer permanently debilitating injuries or work-related fatalities.

In its report, the bureau acknowledged other studies which had concluded that older workers were involved in fewer work-related accidents than their younger counterparts.

Workers’ compensation is available for older workers

Under the law, older workers are entitled to the same level of benefits as younger workers. They also have protection both from retaliation due to their pursuing a claim and from age discrimination.

Even so, an older worker who suffers an injury may find pursuing a workers’ compensation claim frustrating.

For example, the employer or insurance carrier might raise questions about their prior health to avoid paying all or part of the claim.

They may also challenge whether the injury itself is due to the biological aging process or is work-related.

This is a possibility when a worker’s injury was gradual instead of the result of a significant accident. Examples of gradual injuries include progressive hearing loss or repetitive motion injuries.

An employer or insurance carrier may claim these types of injuries are due to aging and, thus, not eligible for benefits.

Having a workers’ compensation claim fully accepted or denied can be the difference between financial stability and serious monetary problems. An older worker who suspects they have a work-related injury should make sure they understand all their options and alternatives.