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Do You Have An Occupational Disease?

An occupational disease is an injury or condition that results from the repetitive nature of an employee’s job duties. This can also be an illness that you contract from the environment or activities at your workplace.

The attorneys of Bangel, Cohen & Falconetti, LLP, can bring you up to speed on your rights regarding occupational disease claims. We have been working with people in the five boroughs and the rest of New York that suffer from an occupational disease making sure they get the medical treatment they need and are compensated for their injuries.

What Is An Occupational Disease?

Virtually any disabling condition acquired at work by exposure to some hazard may be compensable. This includes physical hazards (constantly swinging a hammer, doing data entry, lifting heavy material) as well as exposures to diseases or toxins (airborne irritants, chemicals, dust). Some common types of environmental exposure cases involve:

  • Reactive airways condition
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome
  • Sick building syndrome
  • Allergic reactions
  • Pre-existing allergies that are exacerbated by irritants in the workplace

Any disease that results from the circumstances of your job is eligible under the law as an occupational disease.

If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from a disease caused by your working conditions, you have options. Our firm has been actively going after the needs of our clients in workers’ compensation cases since 1997. We build our cases to achieve the maximum results for you.

There Are Limitations To The Law. Call Now To Learn More.

Though workers’ compensation makes allowances for occupational disease claims, there are limitations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who can answer your questions. You may call our office in Queens at 718-446-4400, or use our online form. We will not take a fee, unless we get you the results necessary to get you back on your feet.

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