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How Does A Pre-Existing Condition Affect Workers’ Compensation?


No one is perfect, whether you have an old knee injury from high school football or high blood pressure or asthma, people go through their lives managing their health as best as they can. You may not be slowed down or even think about your condition most days, but it is still there. If your job causes your condition to worsen, you can still receive workers’ compensation.

At Bangel, Cohen & Falconetti, LLP, our attorneys have been helping New Yorkers protect their rights in workers’ compensation cases since 1997. If you are concerned about what to do after aggravating a pre-existing condition at work, we will be able to guide you to the right solution.

Exacerbated Issues

Pre-existing conditions only mean that you are aware of one of your body’s limitations. Anyone can have a serious injury or health condition, and never know about it until it presents itself, but you are able to take precautions to stay healthy.

Your precautions may not be enough. Your job can still make your condition worse in a number of ways if you have:

  • Knee problems and you kneel as part of your duties
  • Unstable shoulders and you work above your head
  • Anxiety conditions and have a high-stress work environment

Do not let insurance companies try to deny your claim simply because it was pre-existing. If your job causes your condition to get worse you deserve representation.

Personal Attention, Strong Approach

When you work with our lawyers, your medical and personal situation become our entire focus. We build a case based on your facts and the law of the land to secure the best possible result for you. You have nothing to lose in contacting us, because we take no fee unless we are successful. Schedule a free consultation by calling our office in Queens at 718-446-4400.

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