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Common Construction Site Accidents


No workplace is completely safe. This is especially true on construction sites. Workers’ compensation is there to help people injured at work get back on their feet. The following are a few of the most common construction site injuries.

Back Strains

For construction workers, one of the basic requirements of the job is to carry heavy material and equipment. This basic function leads to back problems such as upper back strains and lower back spasms. Back pain is debilitating and difficult to treat, meaning extended time out of work.

Extremity Loss

On an active job site, with spinning saws and falling objects, there is a great potential for injuries to arms, hands, feet or legs to such an extent that they may not be salvageable. Losing use of an extremity is a burden that can be difficult to overcome.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Day in and day out use of your body in construction work takes a toll. Overtime the tiny uncomfortable movements that you have had to do every day of your job can become a debilitating injury. It is a slow creeping phenomenon, but you can get help through workers’ compensation.

Toxic Exposure

Construction projects use the safest materials available, but that was not always the case. In New York, there are many old buildings that were constructed in different times. New construction often means demolition, which can send harmful materials into the air. Or perhaps new materials have hazards we do not yet know.

Free Consultations For Construction Workers Living With Work Injuries

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