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A third of all workplace injuries occur during the first year

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Whether it is due to a career change or the need to make additional money, many individuals in New York and elsewhere will begin new jobs during the holiday season. With a rush to meet consumer needs, seasonal help is often sought at stores, restaurants, construction projects, manufacturing and transportation. While these employees might only be around for a short duration, they are still susceptible to the potential risks and hazards in the workplace.

Workplace injuries in the first year

A recent study illustrates a surprising statistic. Roughly a third of all workplace injuries reported occurred during the employee’s first year on the job. The industries most prevalent in this statistic are restaurants, construction and transportation; however, logistic-related positions, such as manufacturing and wholesale, indicated risks as well.

Most common first-year injuries

Similarly, a third of all workers’ compensation costs were related to first-year injuries. The most common workplace injury listed in these claims was overexertion, which includes injuries resulting from twisting, reaching, lifting, jumping or related to the usage of a tool or machine.

The second most common injury for a first-year injury resulting in a workers’ compensation claim involves slips, trips and falls. While these injuries accounted for 23% of the injuries, they rank the highest for the cost per claim. Additionally, the 2022 report found that slips, trips and falls resulted in workers being out of work for an average of 83 days. This illustrates that significance this type of injury can have on an employee and employer.

Whether it is your first day on the job or your last day before retirement, a workplace injury is a possible risk faced by any employee. As such, it is important that employees understand their rights and options following a workplace injury. A workers’ compensation action not only aids with the losses suffered due to the injury but also ensures that the employee is able to adequately recover before returning to work.