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New York lowers workers’ compensation assessment rate for 2024

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

New York provides workers’ compensation benefits to employees who are injured at work. The system is a no-fault system, meaning that you do not have to prove anything other than that your injury occurred while working.

Almost all businesses are required to provide workers’ compensation to their employees. You do not have to pay for workers’ compensation insurance. However, your employer is charged an annual assessment by the state. The amount of this assessment is generally based on the budgeted statewide premium and current need.

Assessment rate will reduce to 6%

Recently, it was announced that this assessment will be reduced by 6% in 2024. Reasons given for the reduction in the assessment were inflation and the increasing costs employers face in the current economy.

Since your employer cannot charge you for workers’ compensation insurance, you should not be affected by the assessment rate reduction or if the rate would ever increase in the future.

Workers’ compensation is an important and valuable right you have as a New York employee. You can file a claim for workers’ compensation if you are injured at work.

What to do after a work injury

Additionally, you should immediately tell your employer about your injury and obtain medical treatment. These are requirements for obtaining workers’ compensation.

If you receive workers’ compensation benefits, they will continue until you can return to work or until you have reached maximum medical improvement. This means that you have reached a state where further treatment will not improve your injury or medical condition.

You should follow your doctor’s instructions when you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Failure to do so could result in losing your benefits even if you were initially approved.

It is important to follow all required steps when applying for workers’ compensation to avoid a denial of your claim. You can appeal a denial, but it is best to have advice and guidance from a professional from the first step to increase your chance of approval.