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Fall injuries in the service industry

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Workplace injuries

Workers in New York City who work from heights, such as construction workers or factory workers, are at risk of falls on the job. This is understandable.

If you work in the service industry, you may not be working from heights. Still, you are at risk of fall injuries at work.

Falls at restaurants, bars and stores

There are common causes of falls at restaurants, bars and stores. For example, if a patron spills a drink on the floor at a bar or restaurant and it is not cleaned up, a server could slip on the slick surface and fall. Or an aisle at a grocery store could be cluttered with goods being placed onto shelves and grocery carts. A worker could easily trip over such obstructions and fall.

Falls can cause significant injuries

A service worker who suffers a fall can become seriously injured.

Broken bones are a common fall injury. If you fall, you could break your wrist or arm trying to catch yourself in the fall. Alternatively, you could break your ankle or hip if you land on a hard surface. Head injuries are also common fall injuries. These injuries could include concussions, brain injuries or even a cracked skull. If you fall and strike your head, it is important to immediately seek medical care to assess your injury.

Back injuries are another common fall injury. If you fall and land on the ground, you could damage your spine, the muscles or the nerves in your back. A back injury can compromise your mobility, either temporarily or permanently.

Workers’ compensation helps those with fall injuries

If you fall at work and are injured, you may be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be key to ensuring you receive proper health care for your injury and that you continue to receive wages while you are unable to work.