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Work-related injuries on the road

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Firm News

Work-related injuries are not restricted to the workplace. Workers may be injured while traveling and take steps to assure they receive treatment and benefits.

Injuries while traveling

A worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer a work-related injury while traveling. Statistics show that these injuries are not common. But these injuries do occur, and the risks grow with exposure.

Vacation injuries are ineligible for benefits. But traveling to and from a conference or a temporary assignment or an injury while performing a work assignment may qualify.

Injuries while traveling, however, pose complications. It is more difficult for employers to investigate claims. Workers who are injured in the United States and then move to another country also face complications because the care offered in their countries is different from here.


Workers need to consider, if they are injured while traveling, whether they should seek treatment where they are or wait until they return home until the they seek care. This depends on the injury and the workers’ preferences.

Workers who are on the road can suffer more anxiety and other stress because they are in an unfamiliar place and out of touch with associates and support system. Local health care may be unfamiliar.

Medical needs can determine whether Injured workers should seek care when they are traveling, however. They also need to notify their employer’s workers’ compensation professional as soon as possible to assure that they are complying with requirements, receive advice on gathering treatment and accident information and have access to needed care.


Injuries on overseas travel is even more complex. Language barriers, obtaining and translating medical records and dealing with a foreign health system are among the obstacles.

Workers who suffer injuries in this country, especially catastrophic injures, face hurdles if they move to another country. Having access and seeking care that will be reimbursed may be difficult.

Workers injured at home or on the road should seek legal representation. Attorneys can help assure that they comply with legal requirements and do not give up important rights.