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Repetitive motion injuries and workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

The work environments in New York and states across the nation require their employs to complete certain tasks. Whether it is in the office typing for the vast majority of the day, in an assembly line at a factory, a construction worker or any other type of worker, many jobs require employees to do the same task over and over again. As such, this results in the employee using a part of their body in the same way continuously. In turn, employees could suffer from a repetitive motion injury.

Repetitive motion injury

Some jobs require an employee to continually use a body part, and the overuse of this body part could lead to an injury known as a repetitive motion injury. As a result, a worker may experience pain in the area, have swelling or be tender in that area of the body. A worker could suffer this injury in their elbow if they are lifting heavy items frequently. Similarly, a worker could suffer from this injury in the wrist if they type all day.

Treatment and workers’ compensation

When a worker suffers a repetitive motion injury, he or she could undergo a rehabilitation program that is designed specifically for this type of injury. A treatment is dependent on the severity of the injury and the goals of the patient; however, they often include programs such as occupational therapy, exercise programs, the application of heat or cold compresses, the usage of a brace or a splint, pain management techniques and education regarding ergonomics in the workplace.

Because this injury could make it difficult or impossible for a worker to continue working, this could result in financial hardships due to lost wages. Additionally, medical bills could be significant if a worker requires much medical treatment. Thus, it is important for workers to understand the availability of workers’ compensation and whether they qualify for these benefits.

Like any injury suffered, workers who suffer a repetitive motion injury will seek medical care for a treatment plan. This could take time and even require surgery; therefore, it is important for workers to fully understand the matter and what options they might have. Seeking workers’ compensation benefits could help the employee address losses such as lost wages, medical bills, therapy and other similar losses caused by a workplace injury.