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Many aspects of a nurse’s jobs could result in injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace injuries

People in New York City have many different types of jobs. These jobs have different job requirements and some tend to be more dangerous than others. Jobs that require heavy machinery or are very labor intensive create situations where injuries may be more likely to occur than for people who work in office settings. One type of job that people may not traditionally think as labor intensive, but in fact does is nursing.

There are many physical requirements that people may not realize and nurses can suffer a variety of different injuries while working. Nurses can be required to lift in awkward positions, bend over, twist, there could be hazards they can slip on and also work long hours and can suffer fatigue as a result resulting in injuries. As there are many different physical job requirements and nurses can suffer a variety of injuries.

Common causes of injuries to nurses

Some injuries that nurses suffer are more common than others though. Below are some of the most common ways nurses suffer injuries.

  • Overexertion – these are caused by lifting, twisting and other repetitive motions nurses perform at work. These types of injuries are sprains, strains, back injuries and others. These account for about 50% of all non-fatal nursing injuries.
  • Falls and Slips – The leading cause of these is having some form of liquid on the floors, but nurses also could trip over equipment or other objects that fall on the floor
  • Violent events – about 12% of injuries that nurses suffer are caused by physical altercations with patients or their family members, altercations between employees or others who are not affiliated with the healthcare facility
  • Equipment injuries – injuries can occur when nurses run into equipment or hit their head on overhanging objects. These injuries also include accidental injuries with needles.
  • Transport – these can occur when they are moving patients from beds to stretchers or from ambulances.
  • Exposure to chemicals or medications – nurses can be exposed to different sterilization chemicals and other cleaning products, different medications and other items which can cause damage to the skin or respiratory issues.

Nurses in New York can suffer injuries in a variety of ways. Nurses may need medical treatment to treat these injuries and may miss time at work as well, which means they could lose income. Nurses who are injured on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits which can pay for the medical costs and some of the lost income. Experienced attorneys understand how to obtain workers’ compensation and may be able to help ensure workers receive what they deserve.