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Some basic points about fall injuries in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Workplace injuries

Falls may seem to be commonplace in certain work settings such as construction or manufacturing, but the truth is that any worker can suffer a fall injury on-the-job. Fall injuries can be very serious and could even be fatal. The following is some information about falls in the workplace that workers in New York City should be aware of.

The statistics about falls in the workplace

You may be surprised to hear just how common fall injuries and fatalities are. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 261,930 people missed one or more days of work due to fall injuries. Moreover, that same year 798 people died due to falls in the workplace. The construction industry sees the most fall-related fatalities. What you may not know, however, is that most nonfatal fall injuries take place in health care workplaces and the wholesale and retail industries.

What job hazards could lead to fall injuries?

There are numerous job hazards that could lead to fall injuries in the workplace. Floors that are slippery, cluttered or unstable could cause a worker to fall. Unprotected edges, floor holes and wall openings can also cause a worker to fall. Other times, falls are caused by unsafe ladder usage. Finally, many falls result from a lack of or misuse of fall protection equipment and strategies.

What steps can employers take to prevent falls in the workplace?

There are several steps employers can take to prevent falls in the workplace. For example, the use of fall prevention and protection technologies can help prevent falls. Educating employees on workplace safety can also help. Federal regulations and industry standards can provide employers with specific information and recommendations on how to prevent falls in the workplace.

Learn more about fall injuries

While employers can employ strategies to prevent falls in the workplace, these protections may come too little too late for workers who have already been injured due to a fall. Fortunately, injured workers in New York may be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical and living expenses while they recover from their injuries. Those in New York who want to learn more about common workplace injuries may find our firm’s website to be a useful source of information.