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Elevator on construction site falls with two workers inside

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Construction Injuries

Construction is an integral part of the New York City economy. With the number of businesses located in New York, people who want to live in the city and a seemingly endless number of projects planned and in progress, it always appears as if there is construction happening. This is beneficial, especially for those who work in the construction industry. Given the nature of the work, there are inherent dangers. Accidents can and will happen causing injuries and even death. Understanding how to pursue workers’ compensation and other benefits can be imperative.

Elevator accident at construction project kills one, injures another

Two male construction workers were in a freight elevator at a construction site when the elevator collapsed. It happened at shortly after 8 a.m. The elevator was said to have plummeted several stories before crashing to the ground. One of the workers, 30, died. The other, 29, was found unresponsive, but was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The men were placing material in the elevator at the time. The worker who died was reportedly a supervisor. An investigation by the Department of Buildings is taking place to determine the cause. The permits for the elevator work seem to have been in order as are the project’s other permits. Work has been stopped as the incident is investigated.

Construction accidents are unfortunately common

While workers take pride in their accomplishments on construction jobs, there are undeniable dangers with this type of work. Those who are tasked with building, maintenance and repairs will need to use heavy tools, large vehicles, complicated equipment and coordinate with others. Some sites are lacking in oversight and safety protocol. Others are more vigilant. Regardless, accidents can occur on any project. The circumstances of the incident are fundamental aspects of a claim. So too is it important to understand all the benefits that may be available, how to maximize them and appeal if the claim is denied. This generally requires experienced assistance.

Workers’ compensation cases may require professional advice

Workers’ compensation can cover for lost income, medical costs and other damages. Accidents can happen to anyone due to falls, electrocutions, items falling from high overhead, vehicle accidents and elevator malfunctions. Workers’ compensation benefits and other options are available for those who have been impacted by construction injuries, but it is important to understand how the process works. Filing the proper forms, having evidence of what happened, showing the magnitude of the injuries and calculating how much was lost financially are all critical. This can be complicated and warrants experienced help from the start.