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What are some common construction injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Construction Injuries

Construction work is ever-present in the New York City metro area. Barely a day goes by when we do not see orange barrels on the road or scaffolding on a building. That being said, construction work is dangerous work. The following are some statistics on workplace fatalities in the U.S. as well as common causes of construction fatalities.

The statistics

According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, in 2019, 5,333 workers in the U.S. suffered a workplace fatality. This averaged to over 100 fatalities a week, or approximately 15 fatalities a day. In calendar year 2019, approximately 20% of all workplace deaths in the private industry were in construction. This accounted for one in every five workplace fatalities in that year.

Common causes of construction worker fatalities

There are several common causes of construction worker fatalities. One is falls. If a construction worker works at heights, on ladders or on scaffolding without proper protections in place, it could lead to a fatal fall. Crush injuries, electrocutions and being caught in/in-between objects or trenches can also lead to workplace fatalities in the construction industry.

Learn more about construction injuries

Workers injured on construction sites may have many concerns. This post is for educational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Those in the New York City metro area who want to learn more about workplace injuries are encouraged to explore our firm’s website for further information.