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Why do I need a workers’ compensation attorney?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Workplace injuries

Injuries in the workplace can happen in any job. Injuries can range from construction worker experiencing injuries from falling equipment, to an office worker receiving a repetitive strain injury from typing at a computer for years. When an employee gets an injury, workers’ compensation provides the victim with the funds they need to recover, so why are there worker’s compensation attorneys at all?

It may come as a surprise to many people that the average cost of a workplace injury is over $40,000. The cost of injuries extends beyond just the initial medical expenses. The pursuit of securing fair compensation is where workers’ compensation attorneys come in. Attorneys offer a lot to their clients, and they are sure to fight for the best possible outcome in all their services.

Total damage recognition

Insurance companies are a business like any other, and their primary goal is to maximize profits. This goal can come at a cost to injury victims when insurance companies try to play down the cost of an injury. Attorneys know that even a back injury can call for surgery, physical therapy, lost income during the recovery period, doctor visit costs, and medical equipment like wheelchairs or walking canes. A lawyer’s experience can help a victim appropriately value their injury while pursuing compensation.


Knowing the full cost of recovery is essential, but earning it is a whole different challenge. Most injury victims do not have the expertise necessary to negotiate for the best possible outcome in a settlement. A lawyer knows how to handle these conversations to maximize what a workplace injury victim receives for their suffering.


The time it takes to earn workers’ compensation depends on the employee. The longer it takes to complete and file paperwork can lengthen the wait for necessary compensation. If a victim takes too long to pursue compensation, they may miss the opportunity to do so forever. A lawyer can help make the pursuit of compensation as short and efficient as possible.


An employee may be dealing with their first workers’ compensation case ever, whereas an experienced attorney may be dealing with their thousandth. The knowledge attorneys offer their clients come from years or decades of experience, and can become your greatest weapon.

One of the biggest mistakes an employee can make is taking their employer and their insurance company at their word. Let an attorney use their advantages to benefit you and your best interests.