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Can you work with severe carpal tunnel syndrome?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Firm News

New York workers often engage in repetitive motions on the job. This can lead to repetitive stress injuries. One such injury is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Some people do not understand exactly how damaging CTS is for workers.

Today we will examine the true impact of CTS. We will view how severe cases can interrupt the life of a worker. We will see how it can make doing their job difficult or even impossible.

CTS as a degenerative injury

Mayo Clinic takes an in-depth look at carpal tunnel syndrome and how it affects workers. CTS is not an affliction that “goes away on its own”. It is a degenerative ailment that worsens over time. Trying to work through it only causes more damage to the affected wrist. You may even work your damaged wrist to the point where you need surgery to fix it.

Before it worsens to that point, the only real way to address CTS is by resting the affected wrist. This includes doing proper stretches if the doctor asks you to. It also often means taking a period of rest. This means stopping the repetitive action that caused the CTS in the first place.

CTS preventing employees from returning to work

But for many workers, it is difficult or impossible to stop doing your work. You may have to take time off to recover. But there is no guarantee you will get pay for the entire time you are away. This is why many workers facing repetitive stress injuries including CTS seek compensation. This allows you to take time to rest without worsening your wrist. That will only lengthen recovery time.