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Construction site practices may heighten electrocution risk

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Construction Injuries

As a New York construction worker, you may experience a higher risk of electrocution on the job than other workers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that construction workers’ electrocution risk may be roughly four times greater than the risk faced by those in other industries. 

Our firm assists people injured on the job, including those whose workplace is a construction site. 

Deadline pressures may increase the odds of injury  

Construction sites may pose greater workplace risks in general because contractors feel pressure to meet scheduling and budgetary constraints. These pressures may cause a contractor to require that you put in long hours under strict deadlines. Such demands may contribute to electrical injuries as contractors make decisions that trade safety for progress. 

Safe practices may help prevent electrical injuries  

Site owners can help promote safety when they hire general contractors with a proven track record of best practices, reliability and training. Owners and contractors may take several actions to help minimize the risk of electrical injuries: 

  • Follow the electrical safety standards issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Fire Protection Association. 
  • Take the time to de-energize lines and circuits as necessary. 
  • Be aware of the proximity of workers and tools to overhead and underground power lines. 
  • Plan for the proper use of temporary electric power, including the use of ground-fault circuit interrupters. 
  • Inspect and maintain tools and equipment, disconnect power tools and machines before inspection, and use caution with extension cords. 

If you suffer a work-related injury at a construction site, you should seek medical care and notify your employer of the injury. Our website has information about the steps construction workers should take after a workplace injury.