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What can cause repetitive motion injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Workplace injuries

According to OSHA, repetitive motion injuries are the most common injuries in the US. They happen as a result of repetitive actions in daily living. This type of damage makes up to 50% of injuries seen by doctors, and they cause a massive loss in terms of workforce. The most common RMIs include tendonitis, bursitis, ganglion cyst, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tenosynovitis. 

People with these problems at times may not show any visible signs of injuries but still may not have the capacity to perform simple tasks. It could be an indication that your muscle tissues may be experiencing an RMI. You may also experience pain, numbness, or tingling, which are common symptoms for repetitive motion injuries. 

Such injuries can occur while a person in training for a game or at a workplace. It is, however, essential for a person to limit stressing muscles through repetitive activities especially daily activities. You should try and ensure you do not maintain the same posture for an extended period. Also, you need to minimize the lifting of heavy objects. 

When such injuries occur, you must see a physician for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor should determine the primary cause of the injury and at least give necessary information on how one can stay safe from experiencing the injury again. 

Being flexible and strong to perform daily activities is a basic need. However, it is essential to avoid performing duties that stress on body muscles or may even affect your posture. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure you give your body numerous breaks from daily tasks to allow your muscles to heal.