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Did your employer correctly respond to your injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Workplace injuries

You injured yourself at work recently, but your New York employer has workers’ compensation. That said, for your workers’ compensation claim to stand a better chance of approval, your employer must follow a specific process.

Rather than wait to leave things to chance, you may want to educate yourself on the proper employer response to a workplace injury. That way, you can start the healing process and get back to work ASAP.

Seek medical attention 

Once you report your injury, your employer should ensure that you receive the appropriate medical attention. Both you and your employer need a proper medical report to help build your case.

File a report

Your employer should provide you with a workers’ compensation form to fill out to get the claim process started with your employer’s insurance provider. Additionally, your employer must file a First Report of Injury or Illness form.

This is also the part of the process wherein your employer asks for statements from anyone else who may have witnessed your accident and takes pictures of your injury and the site where the injury occurred. You should also provide your own statement.

Cooperate with the insurance provider

While you are on the mend, your employer should keep in touch with insurance agents and any legal representatives associated with the insurance carrier. If you need to provide additional details or paperwork, be sure to do so as quickly as possible.

Return to your job 

Know that it is your right to file a workers’ compensation claim. For that reason, your employer does not have the legal grounds to terminate you while you heal. As soon as your physician clears you, you can return to work.

While your main focus should be on making a full recovery, knowing more about how the workers’ compensation process works can ease any anxiety you have. Keep in touch with your employer while on the mend, and be sure that you protect your legal rights as an injured employee.