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What types of accidents cause construction site deaths?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Firm News

When you make a living as a construction worker in New York, it can be both thrilling and rewarding. However, it may also be risky, as the nature of the work may expose you to situations that could be deadly if proper safety precautions are not taken. Some accidents are more common than others, and understanding the risks may help you avoid a deadly turn of events. 

Construction site deaths rose sharply in 2018, according to the New York Post, as an increase in the industry caused the number of deaths to double from the previous year. While the types of accidents varied, some were caused by company safety violations and worker inattention. One of the most common causes of death at construction sites is falling from building framework or scaffolding, either from a slip and fall or structure collapse. Wearing a safety harness at all times can help protect you from a bad fall, and checking the integrity of any scaffolding structure at the start of the workday may prevent a deadly collapse. 

Electrocution is another common cause of death at construction worksites. Malfunctioning power tools, exposure to ungrounded electrical cables and faulty wiring may all result in receiving a shock powerful enough to cause death. Checking outlets and being aware of nearby cables and wiring may reduce the risk of electric shock. 

Construction vehicle malfunctions are another possible source of extreme danger because of their sheer size and weight. Being crushed or pinned by one of these machines will likely result in death, so it can be important to maintain them properly. 

Ensuring contractors follow all safety regulations can reduce the risk of construction site deaths and give you confidence and security whenever you are on the job.