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Falling debris kills New York City architect

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Construction Injuries

Construction scaffolding is a common sight throughout New York City. In fact, many New York residents have become accustomed to it, despite the popular opinion that it is an eyesore. Building construction may be more than an unpleasant sight, unfortunately. Scaffolding and other elements related to construction may pose a deadly hazard for nearby pedestrians and drivers, as a recent accident has illustrated. 

NBC New York reported on the accident, which occurred earlier this month near Times Square. A 60-year-old woman was killed when debris that fell from a building façade struck her as she was walking near her workplace. The woman, a prominent New York City architect, died from trauma to the head. 

The New York City Department of Buildings is continuing to investigate the tragedy. Authorities fined the building owners $1,250 for failing to safely maintain the façade. Additionally, inspectors found damaged terra cotta in numerous locations on the façade that could harm pedestrians. The risk appears to be significant, since it was cited as one of the busiest places in the city for pedestrian traffic. The incident was not an isolated one – pedestrians in the city have lost their lives before by falling façade pieces, bricks and other construction debris. 

Every five years, New York City property owners are required to conduct professional building inspections to ensure their property meets safety standards. Residents and tourists of New York should not have to worry about falling hazards when they are walking in the city. They may be eligible for compensation if they suffered injuries due to a negligent property owner.