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Construction sites and ladder falls

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | Construction Injuries

Working in construction can be tough for a lot of reasons. In addition to high-pressure environments due to disgruntled co-workers, dangerous machinery and poor weather, construction jobs often involve tough tasks that bring up serious risks. For example, many construction workers have to work on top of roofs, in ceilings or in high places. These types of job duties can lead to a worker falling off of a ladder, which can leave them seriously hurt or even result in the loss of life.

If you recently fell off of a ladder, you may be injured and the injury may be causing you a considerable amount of physical pain and mental trauma. For example, you may have broken your beck, your back or some critical bone in your body. You may be unable to walk and sidelined from work for a certain period of time, which could make your life even harder. Furthermore, you may be upset because the accident may have been caused by someone else’s behavior.

Aside from falling off of a ladder, simply working around ladders can be dangerous. For example, someone who does not need to climb a ladder may be struck by a falling object. Workers in many different trades may run into these risks on the job, such as electricians, carpenters, painters and so on. It is imperative for injured construction workers to have a clear understanding of strategies that could help them move on with their lives after a difficult accident. For some, workers’ compensation benefits are very beneficial and can restore some of what they have lost.