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How can you increase your safety working in a construction zone?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Construction Injuries

Construction accidents in New York are all too common, particularly in the areas that are severely crowded. Because of the nature of the job, these accidents are often completely debilitating or may even result in death. While there are certain rules that your employer must comply with to keep you and your fellow employees safe, there are additional things you can do to protect your life.

StaySafe encourages workers to wear the appropriate protective gear when working. The right gear can be the difference between a fatality or long-term injury and a minor one. Your employer should provide the appropriate gear such as ear protection, helmets, safety goggles, hi-vis jackets and knee pads. Once your equipment becomes worn it should be replaced immediately.

When constructing or maintaining scaffolding, there should be no improvisations or shortcuts. Scaffolding should be built on solid footing to eliminate the chance of it collapsing. Any inconsistencies or damage to the structure should be repaired quickly and correctly.

If you work in a medium or high-risk environment, it is required that you obtain the correct health and safety training. This training informs you of the risks that are associated with your actions when working in confined spaces, with machinery or at height. You may also want to acquire the basic training to administer life-saving techniques if they become necessary.

Clear signs are vital to protecting the public and the construction workers. Any hazards should be highlighted with posters or signs and give people adequate time to adjust and make precautions. This is a cost-effective way to eliminate accidents and may indicate the presence of large vehicles, falling objects or work with chemicals or gas.

A safe construction site is important for all. As you work on projects, it is fair to expect your employer to keep your safety training up to date.

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