Why you need a NY workers’ comp lawyer

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Why you need a NY workers’ comp lawyer is a big topic. As Americans, we spend a lot of time in the workplace. Our job responsibilities vary widely, from manual work to technical obligations. It is therefore not uncommon for accidents to occur in the workplace.

Frequent lifting of heavy objects can lead to back injuries, you can slip and fall on the floors of the building, and you can also suffer from repetitive motion injuries.

A New York workers’ comp lawyer can ensure that you receive the benefits that you truly deserve in case you get injured on the job. Workers are entitled to a safe workplace environment. Should the employer subject their employees to injury, they are required to provide adequate compensation.

Types of Worker’s comp benefits

The most common benefits that are issued to injured workers in NY include:

  • Permanent total disability benefits: issued when a worker gets permanently and totally disabled at work.
  • Wage reimbursement benefits: occurs due to lost wages incurred when an employee misses work as a result of an injury.
  • Medical benefits: issued to help workers cover medical expenses that occur due to injury at the workplace.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits: issued when a worker gets a permanent partial disability at work.

Why you need a NY workers’ comp lawyer

Why a worker’s comp lawyer is important

Worker’s comp lawyers are so important because they carry out critical functions that enable you to receive the benefits you deserve. These attorneys are important in the following ways:

  • They gather all required medical evidence and records
  • They litigate cases in court on behalf of the worker
  • They remain current with employment laws in NY and can provide critical advice regarding the same
  • They take depositions from the claimant, medical experts, physicians and other relevant parties
  • They represent your specific interests in court and in the workplace