Types of Worker’s Compensation Benefits Available in NY

NYC comp rules

If a person gets injured on the job, there are workers’ compensation laws offering several benefits. Every state in the USA requires the employers to purchase an insurance policy to manage their statutory obligations to the employees facing an injury or sickness caused by workplace situations. The benefits offered to workers may vary from one state to another.

In New York, worker’s compensation laws are slightly complicated. Hence, you should seek out an experienced and knowledgeable workers comp attorney. They will explain the entire procedure of making an application to receive the benefits that an injured employee is entitled to. Regardless of the state where a person lives, there are certain types of compensation benefits available to the applicants.

Types of Worker’s Compensation Benefits Available in NY

These include:

  • If an employer is unable continue working for more than a week due to an injury, he may become entitled to temporary compensation benefits to replace his or her lost wages.
  • Complete medical care benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Extended lost wage benefits if an employee is found to have a permanent injury that disables them from work.

The rules for worker’s compensation in New York specify that an employee cannot sue an employer for additional compensation if he is already receiving this compensation after an injury. However, in this case, you may be able to file a lawsuit against other parties who may have caused your injury or be otherwise responsible. A workers’ compensation attorney can guide you regarding what legal options may be available in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. For instance, a person injured due to a defective machine may be able to sue the manufacturer of that machine

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