Opioid Weaning Issues

Opioid weaning issues

10/31/2016: Workers’ Compensation Board Announces New Hearing Purpose for Opioid Weaning Issues. Opioid addiction is a major public health crisis in the state that deeply affects many of New York’s injured workers.

The New York Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines (NAP MTG) adopted by the Chair in 2014 present a comprehensive approach to the management of chronic pain, and include best practice recommendations for the appropriate use of narcotics.

As the NAP MTG makes clear, long-term opioid use is only recommended in limited circumstances, and must involve constant clinical monitoring and re-evaluation.

The NAP MTG also includes best practices for safely weaning injured workers from opioids and other narcotics. A workers’ compensation hearing can now be scheduled to determine whether continuing opioid usage is necessary or whether weaning from opioids is recommended.

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